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Posts for: November, 2016

By Susan Pearson, D.D.S.
November 18, 2016

Many people live with minor to moderate smile imperfections, the most common being stained, chipped or uneven teeth. While dental contouringadvanced treatments like braces, crowns and bridges are recommended to fix significant alignment problems or tooth loss and decay, cosmetic contouring can help reshape teeth that just need a few minor adjustments to improve the overall cosmetic appearance of the smile.

Dr. Susan Pearson, your dentist in Silver Spring, MD recommends dental contouring for patients looking to refine and improve the size or shape of their teeth, without the need of undergoing major cosmetic dental work.

Cosmetic Dental Contouring in Silver Spring, MD

When it comes to the specific factors that go into making a smile beautiful, symmetry is generally considered to be one of the most important. Cosmetic contouring makes subtle improvements to the shape, size and spacing of the teeth, without drastically altering the characteristics that make our teeth and smile unique.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dental Contouring?

Contouring is ideal for anyone who would like to improve on minor cosmetic imperfections to the teeth, such as small chips and cracks, and mild spacing and sizing issues (making teeth slightly shorter or longer to improve symmetry). If you are generally happy with your teeth but are looking to make minor cosmetic improvements, cosmetic dental contouring may be right for you.

Cosmetic contouring is not used to correct orthodontic problems like crooked teeth or crowding and oral health problems, like teeth that become damaged or misshapen as a result of advanced tooth decay or trauma. It's best to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options and determine the appropriate treatment option for your situation.

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