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Posts for: February, 2016

By Susan Pearson, D.D.S.
February 02, 2016

Choose a teeth whitening treatment to refresh your smile.

You have dull, yellow teeth, but you’re not convinced dental whitening treatments are for you. Are they really necessary and how great teeth whiteningwill the result be? It’s time to seek the expertise of someone who knows all about dental whitening treatments. It’s time to call Dr. Susan Pearson in Silver Spring, Maryland, your teeth whitening expert.

Teeth become stained and dull for a lot of reasons including smoking, drinking red wine, coffee or tea. Even eating foods with dark pigment like blueberries can cause stains. But the biggest reason for dull teeth is the natural process of aging. As you age, you enamel becomes thinner, allowing you and others to see the layer underneath the enamel. This layer is called dentin, and it is naturally yellow, but it becomes an even darker yellow as you age. This is why your teeth begin to lose their youthful whiteness and brightness.

There are many reasons why you should choose a professional teeth whitening treatment. Here are just a few:

  • Professional whitening treatments have much better results and last longer
  • You will look younger with whiter teeth
  • You make a wonderful first impression with white teeth
  • You will look better to others and feel better about yourself
  • You get a boost to your confidence and self-esteem with white teeth
  • You might want to look great for a special event

Your Silver Spring dentist Dr. Pearson offers a convenient at-home treatment, including custom trays and bleaching gel, which you wear in the privacy of your home for short periods when the time is right for you.

Are convinced teeth whitening is good for your smile and your lifestyle? Call Dr. Susan Pearson in Silver Spring, Maryland for an appointment. Get the smile you want today!












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