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Posts for: December, 2015

By Susan Pearson, D.D.S.
December 02, 2015
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Like any cosmetic procedure, whitening your teeth is an investment. You want to keep your new smile looking great for as long as you can, but how? Dr. Susan Pearson, your dentist in Silver Spring, Maryland, offers a few tips for keeping your freshly whitened teeth looking their best.Teeth Whitening

Steer clear of stains

Certain foods contain acidic ingredients that are notorious staining agents for your teeth. Red wine is well known to discolor your teeth, as is coffee and tea. Besides being sugary, dehydrating, and devoid of nutrients, colas can also leave their mark on your smile. Dark-colored fruits and their juices - blueberries, cherries, and grapes, for example - all contain natural dyes that can leave remnants on your teeth. If you eat or drink any of these foods, especially after whitening your teeth, your Silver Spring dentist suggests brushing as soon as possible afterwards. If brushing isn't an option, drink some water to rise away the excess and brush thoroughly when you get a chance.

Use whitening toothpaste

The choices we have for toothpaste can seem almost endless. To maximize your teeth whitening treatment from your Silver Spring dentist, brush twice a day with a toothpaste that contains stain-fighting ingredients like baking soda and silicates. Daily flossing won't enhance the color of your teeth, but it will clear away any stain-causing bacteria and food particles.

Visit your dentist

Keeping your twice-yearly cleaning appointments with Dr. Susan Pearson in Silver Spring is essential to not only the appearance, but the health of your teeth. Dr. Pearson keeps your teeth clean from the inside out, making sure the inner tissues of the teeth and the gums surrounding them are in good shape.

If you're ready to brighten your smile, contact the office of Dr. Susan Pearson in Silver Spring today to set up an appointment for teeth whitening!












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