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Posts for: July, 2014

By Dr. Susan Pearson
July 25, 2014
Tags: Dental Implants  
Imagine having no teeth. Could you imagine how hard it would be to eat and speak? Sometimes we don’t appreciate the full function of our teeth until we lose one, multiple or all of them.

dental implants

Tooth loss can disturb your daily routine and quality of life. What dental procedure can improve the quality of your life? A dental implant could be the solution to your tooth loss.

Silver Spring Dentistry Patients: Dental Implant Improves Speech

Have you ever noticed that your tongue touches your teeth when you speak? The movement between the jaw, teeth and tongue determine speech. A misaligned jaw, malocclusion and missing teeth cause speech problem, such as a slight lisp.
That’s why restoration treatments, such as a dental implant, is needed to improve the ability to clearly speak.

Permanent Tooth Replacement Makes Chewing Simple

It’s easy to forget that your back teeth help you chew until you are stuck on a soft food/liquid diet. Proper digestion requires you to break down nutrients, but tooth loss makes it hard to enjoy your favorite hard foods.
Since a dental implant is permanently placed in the jaw, you don’t need to worry about taking the restorative device out for maintenance, and it will feel natural to eat with it in.
Silver Spring dental implant patients will appreciate the benefits tied with this restorative procedure.
Want to know what else a dental implant can offer? Contact us at (301) 649-2203.

By Dr. Susan Pearson
July 09, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: White Teeth   Dental Health  
It may not be apparent immediately, but slowly over time the shade of your teeth can change without proper maintenance. The enamel becomes duller and yellower until one day you smile and wonder where your beautiful pearly whites went. Silver Spring, MD teeth whitening dentist Dr. Susan Pearson often treats patients with discolored and stained teeth. Check out these 10 tips for how to get a whiter smile with prevention and visits to the dentist.
1) Avoid eating foods that stain your teeth, like tomato sauce, blueberries, raspberries and beets as much as possible.
2) Avoid drinking coffee, red wine and tea. If you do decide to continue drinking these beverages, use a straw instead of allowing the liquid to wash over the surface of your teeth.
3) Cover your teeth with a protective tray when drinking colorful, sugary or carbonated drinks. A protective tray (available at Silver Spring, MD teeth whitening Dr. Pearson’s office or a pharmacy) will help resist the breakdown of the enamel. When the enamel breaks down the tooth is more vulnerable to staining.
4) Try brushing with a whitening toothpaste that protects the enamel of your teeth every morning. Some toothpastes claim to prevent stains from setting in.
5) Avoid sugar. Sugar is one of the worst substances you can consume when it comes to your dental and overall health. Sugar degrades the enamel of your teeth. Reduce or eliminate your sugar intake, avoid eating sticky candies and chew sugar-free gum or mints.
6) Stop smoking. When you smoke tobacco, it leaves a nasty residue on your teeth that can stain them over time. Pursue a smoking cessation program (and avoid chewing tobacco as well).
7) Rinse your mouth after eating something that could cause discoloration. If you rinse off the substance immediately after eating or drinking, it can help you avoid staining.
8) Commit to regular cleanings with Silver Spring, MD teeth whitening dentist Dr. Susan Pearson. A professional cleaning and polishing every six months will help keep your smile bright.
9) Inquire about whether a crown or veneer might be the best solution for a whiter smile. In some cases, a discolored tooth can’t be whitened to the desire shade and a restoration is necessary.
10) Get a professional tooth whitening service to whiten your smile in one one-hour visit from Dr. Pearson.
Whiter teeth are only a phone call away. Contact Silver Spring, MD teeth whitening dentist Dr. Pearson at (301) 649-2203 or request an appointment from your computer via our website.












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